SAS 2.0

An School ERP solution

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SAS(School Automation System)

SAS 2.0 - An School ERP is a system that is focused for making the school management process more effective, more efficient.


SAP Integration

SAS 2.0 is integrated with latest sap crysatl report for serving easy,fast and best report quality.

SMS Integration

SAS 2.0 is integrated with independent SMS API system which serve the purpose of sending SMS in short period of time.

Biometric Integration

SAS 2.0 is integrated with Biometric machine which having options such as RFID Card,fingerprint,password etc.

Graphical MIS View

SAS 2.0 is also integrated with additional administrative module which help the adminstrative in having the watchful eye on all modules along with all staff activity through easy graphical presentation.

Website Integration

Parent Dash Board Direct integration with School website.

Consistent look and Easy GUI

SAS 2.0 having easy and consistent look thourgh out all modules of ERP which makes its easy for understanding and working on it with ease.



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Our Reserach and development team regularly working for adding valuable features in ERP for better management of school.